Budget, Policies & Plans


Annual Reports

Report on Council’s performance against the Council Plan


View budget information and processes. Download current and previous budgets.

Council Plan

Council’s major strategic planning document, the Council Plan sets out the strategic direction for Council over the four years of its term of office

Council Policies

A full listing of council policies, from Code of Conduct to Asset Management and Mediation.

Ballarat - Capital of Western Victoria

This vision for Ballarat informs Ballarat Council’s plans for the city and forms the basis of Ballarat’s Regional Capital Plan

Community Engagement Framework

The Community Engagement Framework outlines a Council commitment to engage its community to the best of its potential.

Community Satisfaction Surveys

Community satisfaction survey

Community Road Safety Strategy

The City of Ballarat is committed to improving the safety of all road users.

Digital Services Strategy

The City of Ballarat has commissioned a digital services strategy to help create a better future for the city.

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

The plan assists Council to promote the rights of people with disabilities to live and participate in the community

Domestic Wastewater Management Plan

Domestic Wastewater Management Plan

Domestic Animal Management Plan

Economic Program

The Economic Program sets out a vision for the Ballarat economy and outlines the role of Council, businesses, industry, government

Early Years Plan for Ballarat

The City of Ballarat's Municipal Early Years Plan outlines the direction needed across Ballarat to improve outcomes for children

Environment Sustainability Strategy

The Environment Sustainability Strategy is the City of Ballarat’s framework for a more sustainable future.

Municipal Public Health & Wellbeing Plan

The purpose of the Municipal Public Health & Wellbeing Plan is to protect, improve and promote the health and wellbeing of people living in Ballarat.

Municipal Emergency Management Plan

Council has developed and adopted the plans to assist with Emergency Management, Disaster Recovery and Community Preparation in the event of an emergency

Positive Ageing Framework

The Positive Ageing Strategy has been developed in response to the significant ageing of our population.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Sport & Recreation Strategies

Sports and Recreation Strategies

CBD Action Plan

Making Ballarat Central - The CBD Strategy

Youth Development Framework

Waste Management Strategy

The Waste Management Strategy aims to provide direction to deliver affordable waste and recovery outcomes for our community that consider long term social, environmental and financial impacts of investment in infrastructure, community education and service delivery.

City Circle Bus

Results of the 2016 city circle bus trial.