Property, Animals and Council Assets


Animal Registration

All dogs and cats, three months of age and over, must be registered by 10 April each year. By registering your pet, Council is able to reunite you and your pet if it is impounded.

Rates and Valuations

Rates help fund services provided by Council such as street cleaning, lighting, maintenance, garbage & recycling, and community services including Maternal and Child Health & Aged Services.

Waste & Recycling

Garbage collection, landfill, transfer station information and learn about recycling in Ballarat.

Asset Protection Permits

Asset Protection Permits ensures existing infrastructure, such as footpaths and gutters, are not damaged by building contractors during construction.

Bus Shelters

The City of Ballarat has 180 bus shelters located throughout the CBD and urban areas of the city.


City of Ballarat parking, permits and meters


Ballarat has over 500km of drains across the city. Learn about Legal Point of Discharge, flooding and what to do about blocked drains.

Roads & Footpaths

Detailed information on roads, road safety, road works and the City of Ballarat Road Management Plan and strategies.


Find out who looks after what lights. In general, Council maintains lights in car parks and malls whilst street lights are maintained by Powercor.

Street Cleaning

Councils on the job with street sweeping, bins and gutter cleaning.


Ballarat’s Storm Water Management Plan was orginally prepared in 2002 to meet the standards of the State Environmental Protection Policy 'Waters of Victoria'

Street Trees

Council is responsible for maintaining trees within your street and public parkland.